A Specialist since 1956…

Mr. Joseph DELMAS produced his olives in Provence and in Tunisia for the first time in 1956. All of the Olives, which were prepared and packed in Le Pontet, Fance, were shipped to the four corners of Europe.

Belle Nature came into existence in 1986. From then on, only organic production methods were used. This means that dozens of hectares of century-old olives groves near Marrakech (Morocco) have gradually been converted to organic farming methods.

Today, the Bellenature firm is run by Joseph Delmas' children, and it is the leader of the organic olive oil market, with over 50 references.


Ancestral Preparation Methods…

All of our olives are picked by hand, from September to December. They are then sorted and rinsed in fresh water, then separated into three colours : green, purple and black. To remove their bitterness, the green and purple olives are soaked in water, which is changed every 10 days, for a period of 12months. They are then soaked in brine for conservation. Black olives are packed in dry salt for 8 months, in order to remove their bitterness. All preparation and packaging of our olives takes place in our premises in Provence.